About us

At Gateway we believe official proof of identity is fundamental to an individual’s ability to enforce their rights and secure access to a wide range of vital services such as healthcare, education, mobile connectivity, social protections and financial services.

The absence of a provable identity is a proven barrier to many of the core services that are essential in enabling broad-reaching social and economic development. The foundations of civic justice and social equality start with an identity solution that is available and accessible for all members of the society, no matter their socio-political or economic background.

The Gateway Platform tackles these challenging problems by combining multi-factor biometric verification and authentication technologies with sophisticated biometric data analysis, providing users and institutions a digital infrastructure to validate and verify their interactions in real life and in the digital space.

At Gateway we understand the necessity for the rapid development of digital infrastructures, identities and processes that empower individuals to be in charge of their identities and data. In turn, giving businesses and institutions the confidence and authority to interact with users from all demographics of the economy.

Driven by a biometric onboarding process, enabling wide-reaching access, Gateway provides a trustable and secure digital identity that seamlessly integrates with the Gateway Platform. Gateway’s partnered service providers are able to interact with verified Gateway users in a seamless and secure manner, in turn bypassing many of the arduous administrative procedures that hinder businesses from thriving today.