Benefits to Society and Service Providers

Gateway’s IncluTech solutions combine multi-factor biometric identification, sophisticated data science and machine learning algorithms, with a secure immutable blockchain ledger; allowing ubiquitous access to services previously inaccessible. Gateway provides seamless and streamlined access to these vital services, enabling entire underserved populations to participate on a level playing field with the rest of the Global economy.

For Private Sector services including Mobile Operators, Insurance Providers, Recruiters, Banking Services, Micro Finance and Utility Providers, Gateway’s IncluTech Partner Ecosystem will massively broaden the reach of customer base for each and every service provider. Streamlining the required identification and verification processes immediately and securely in the countries within which we operate.

For Public Sector services, digitalising government processes by interacting with Gateway’s IncluTech platform will drastically reduce time, costs and expedite more accurate and efficient collection of civil registration & vital statistics (CRVR), pivotal for effective national development. Gateway’s public sector services encompass civic identity, secure election-voting, ehealth, tax collection, land and property registration and homeland security, built on a secure digital infrastructure, modernising governance mechanisms into the digital age.

Technology should not only make things quicker, cheaper and more convenient; but also more efficient, sustainable and, above all, accessible.