The importance of IncluTech

Gateway was founded with the core belief that technologies should be inclusive.

Globally, nearly 4 billion people have NO access to many basic and yet vital governmental and private sector services, primarily due to a lack of recognised identity. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, this is a challenge for over 40% of the population! Although we may take this for granted in more developed nations, this is hugely inefficient for the Global economy.

The Gateway Inclusive Technology Platform enables unhindered transactions between societies and vital services. We provide the technical tools to ensure trust and security for service providers and societies to build interactive open relationships, establishing a baseline for social and economic development on a personal and national level.

Gateway manages this by building Inclusive Technologies that break down the current barriers prohibiting many of the core services essential in enabling broad reaching social and economic development. Empowering billions of individuals worldwide to access vital services and provisions to lead a happy, secure and just life, with opportunity for all.

We call this The IncluTech Economy