Gateway Principles

The IncluTech Economy is essential in forging the foundations of equal opportunity and social equality; available and accessible for all members of the society, no matter their socio-political or economic background. At Gateway we understand the importance of an individual’s identity, therefore we adhere to a strict moral code of conduct to ensure the highest degree of security and trust amongst our users and partner networks. Gateway core principles are:


Self-Sovereign Identity

Every individual should own and control their identity. Gateway is dedicated to empowering and providing unlimited opportunity for its users.


Gateway’s strategy and approach to social responsibility and inclusion dictate that every individual in a population must have the ability to access Gateway’s groundbreaking technology and services and is free and accessible for all individuals to register and use.

Personal Data

Every user has absolute control over what details they wish to provide, share, and with whom. We will not mine or sell your data to third parties, or share any details without your approval. You’re in control to securely share specific details, never your whole identity.


Security of our platform is paramount. Gateway platform uses state of the art technologies and protocols to mitigate current and future threats.   All your personal details are encrypted into unreadable data that can only be unlocked by you. Nobody else can access or decipher it, not even our staff.

Transparency and Accountability

Gateway adheres to strong Governance principles. We will be open about how we operate. Our terms and conditions are meant to be easily understood, with all amendments and changes highlighted on our website.